Balanced Lamps

Designed in Netherlands

Switching the light in mid-air.

The balance lamp is x by two wooden balls. As besides a source of light it is also piece a of art.

The Heng Balance Lamp – An award-winning, world class lamp, that comes with a magnetic mid-air switch and the most amazing design.

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Designed in Netherlands

Avoid outlet blockage, keeping things easy & efficient.

Space Saving Design

Perfectly sized for any wall outlet in your living room, office, classroom, and bedroom. Connect up to five devices at once in all directions with this neat little cube.

No Plug Blockage

Are those bulky laptop plugs getting in the way of the other power outlets? The PowerCube |Original| is perfectly suited to neatly plug in all your devices.

Socket Multiplier

Need more power outlets in your room or office? Plug the PowerCube |Original| into one wall socket and power all your devices with 4 or 5 sockets.

Versions with Dual-USB Charging

The PowerCube |Original USB| comes with dual powered USB-A ports (2.1A) that are compatible with your smartphones and tablets. No additional adapter needed.